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Mental Health Awareness

 Mental Health Awareness week is in May.  This is a time for people to become educated in what mental health is and understand and have empathy for those who suffer from a mental health disorder.  not everyone has a disorder,but everyone has mental health.  All of us should be taking care of our brains with the same ounce of concern you would give to your heart, your lungs, or any other body organ.  If you have a broken arm it is easy to see that it is broken and needs to be tended to in order for it to heal.  This is no different to our minds.  It's just that we can't physically see it.  Below will be resources and activities to become more aware and take care of your mental health and understand mental health illnesses.
Lake Mead
We All Have Mental Health
     Check out the You Tube video below.  It explains that we all have mental health.
The Canadian Mental Health Association designates Mental Health Week from May 3rd-9th, 2021.  There are many tools that can be found on their website.  Follow the link below: