March 27, 2020

Growth Mindset and Challenging Thoughts
We are at the end of the first week of students working from home.  Check yourself.  How are you doing?  How are your kids doing?  It is easy for our mindsets to turn negative and challenging.  I created a page about Challenging Thoughts.  Take a look through it.
Are you finding many of your thoughts are self-defeating, meaning you are putting yourself down before you begin a task? Or maybe it is during a task and you give up?  Having a growth mindset increases a person grit and resilience.  We all need resilience to get through our present times.  I have provided information and links about this on the Growth Mindset page.  Take a look through it and help yourself and your children develop a more positive outlook!
Next week is Spring Break.  Take care and stay healthy!
Mrs. Ash