April 6, 2020

Patience As We Learn And Grow
   As you know, the Minister of Education has announced an indefinite suspension of all classes.  With this announcement comes many questions, fears, and worry - Will I get to graduate?  How is this going to affect my grades?  When will I get to see my friends?  The list of questions is endless.
   We are all learning how to change and "roll with the punches".  Life throws us many curveballs and we need to learn to be understanding, patience, and be resilient during this process.  
   So how do we be resilient during times of uncertainty?  One way is to embrace the change.  Accept it and make the most of it. We cannot change the situation we are in.  That is out of our circle of control.  
    Model resiliency.  Show your child the proper way to bounce back.  Check your emotions.  It is okay to show and identify when you are upset, scared, frustrated.  It is normal to have these emotions.  Acknowledge them and then show how to change your mindset.  These are important skills children need to know how to do.  Below are a couple of articles about resiliency:
    So have patience as we learn and grow from this crisis.  Take it slow, breathe, and focus on what's important - you and your family's health and well-being!!
Mrs. Ash