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Week of April 20th
April 20th, 2020
    What's New?  I created a page titled Counselling Weekly Activities.  These activities are not mandatory.  They are fun activities to create positive mental health.  Each day has a focus, a quick activity, and links attached to do the activities.  
    Check in with yourself and your loved ones to see how everyone's emotions are.  Think to yourself: What emotions am I feeling right now?  Acknowledge that it is okay to have these emotions - whether they are emotions we like having such as joy, happiness, excitement; or negative emotions such as anger, sadness, loneliness.  What can I do to make my day the best I can?  Doing a temperature check like this can help you identify early whether there are negative emotions you need to check and not let rule your day. 
     The Manitoba government has create a Mental Health Virtual Therapy Program.  This is another tool for ages 16 and older to receive mental health support.  Click on the link below to access it.
     Constable Gord Olson, with Manitoba ICE Unit, has created a Facebook page which contains videos of his presentations on on-line safety.  Prior to this crisis, I was making plans with Gord to come and present to our schools.  He has a wealth of information on the law and how it pertains to online safety for our children and for the parents.  Please visit his Facebook page by clicking on the link below:
     We are all in this together!
Mrs. Ash
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