May 8, 2020

     As we transition into our "new normal", we may feel big emotions along the way.  Fear, anger, frustration will pop up.  They may be felt towards family members, co-workers, and friends.  Conflicts will occur and it is our job to respond to these conflicts in a way to not cause damage to our relationships.  We need to honour others' feelings, be respectful, and understanding of another's perspective.  Yelling, being physically aggressive, and verbally disrespecting someone will only hurt yourself and your relationship with the person who it is directed at. That person will begin to form a different opinion of you.
     We need to deal with the strong emotions and conflicts properly.  Check out my page titled Solving Conflicts.  It includes information on how to manage our big emotions and what steps to take in order to solve a problem so you can keep your relationship in-tack.
     Remember this is a stressful time.  Work together to support one another.  We are all in this together.
Mrs. Ash